Mumford and Sons Tour 2016 – Next Years Dates Are Here!

The guys behind the brand-new album Wilder Mind continue to play tons of concerts in order to promote that brand-new album that was released this year. The Mumford and Sons tour 2016 already has a bunch of dates put out for next year. The name of their brand-new concerts will be an arrow through the heartland. Holding true to the title they will be performing in mostly Midwest in southern states at least so far. With plenty of time left before the shows are live now is a great time to purchase tickets!

Absolute earliest you will be able to see this band on their all new tour will be on April 3 down in Houston Texas. They will continue playing dates all throughout the South and Midwest until they reach Indianapolis Indiana on April 23. They do have shows scheduled a few months later in different parts of the country. They will also be bringing along an opening act in Blake Mills who is going to act as their opener for all of their April concerts.

If you just can’t wait to see these guys play live, they are already performing right now! You don’t have to wait until next year to see a live show from this band. M&S are in Australia right now, and they still have a ton more dates scheduled all around the world including several shows in South America in countries like Chile, Argentina, and Brazil.

If you want to see the shows next year it would be best to pick up a seat now. There has not been any confirmation on the issue of whether or not they are going to be adding any more shows to the 2016 schedule. Right now besides the April concerts, they only have that one performance scheduled for June 15 in New York. The tickets have already gone on sale back in November, so any fan who wants one can go ahead and get their seats now. Don’t forget that prices are already going up, and the cost of a single seat when you average all their shows together is currently sitting at slightly above $200. You definitely are doing yourself any favors by continuing to wait, that’s for sure.

The Mumford and Sons tour 2016 will very likely see a ton of success if there current shows are any indicator. They are still on their gentlemen of the road concert, and they have been going from major city to major city all throughout the summer bringing along tons of other star opening acts and co-headliners. This seems to work saw ticket prices averaging around $150. So you can see that their popularity is definitely increasing with next year’s concerts currently at $200 per ticket. If this is any indicator, prices are only going to continue to rise!

In fact the most expensive show of this year’s concerts is still below the average of next year’s ticket prices, coming in at slightly under $190. They had a very strong average price, with not even one show on their tour book going under $100 on average. So if you look at the prices overall, it’s pretty high most of the time. When compared with last year things are really picking up. For next year shows the most expensive show which will be taking place in Omaha Nebraska on April 19 at the Sentry link center is just shy of $300 per ticket. The absolute cheapest show you can go to which will be happening in Charlotte at the Time Warner cable Arena on April 14 has an average ticket price of $150.

The lowest average ticket price is about as high as the highest priced show from this year’s concerts! Don’t wait to see this incredible indie/folk rock band! The prices are only going to keep going up and up!